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Eshelman Innovation Venture Studio has launched this unique initiative to identify and support the unlimited potential of untapped innovators in under-represented communities, connecting top talent with investment and advisory support to launch their best ideas. We do this by leveraging our best-in-class venture studio model to create, launch and invest in startups led by diverse entrepreneurs.

Health outcomes are filled with racial disparities that are only getting worse.

There is a well-documented, persistent, and growing racial health gap between minority families and majority families in the United States. In addition, there is a business imperative to enable diverse innovators in the health equity space.

Diverse teams outperform the market.

Research studies have shown when it comes to unlocking innovation, diverse and inclusive teams are the key. But traditional venture capital has failed to see this advantage as only 1% of the billions of dollars of capital investment go to black founders.

Solutions to improve health outcomes reside in these under represented communities.

We believe that underrepresented communities have the solutions to solve their health equity challenges in unique scalable ways but lack the needed infrastructure and capital.

Startup creation and investment via the Venture Studio model brings a unique advantage.

We will create and launch advantaged startups, lead and run by founders in underrepresented communities.

Health inequity needs innovative solutions from the communities most affected by these challenges.

As innovation is centered in problem expertise, the needed health equity solutions are locked inside the communities most affected; locked in HBCUs, community health clinics, and inside the minds of diverse founder talent. Our unique blended process brings together these experts with venture builders to create new solutions.



We conduct design thinking workshops and proble ideation sessions in the communities to develop a deep understanding of the issues and generate and iterate on ideas that could potentially solve these issues.



Venture sprints bring together venture builders and top subject matter experts from the community to pressure test ideas.



The Venture Studio launches and invests in "denovo" startups lead by diverse founders from the best ideas surfaced.



The PowerUp advisory board oversees these venture-backable startups to ensure that they are brining the needed health solutions to their underserved communities.

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