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Recovery is working

Developed in partnership with MAHEC, High Alpha Innovation, and NC Collaboratory

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The Problem

As substance use continues to affect physical and mental health nationwide, attention is growing around economic impacts, particularly for employers.  Lost productivity, turnover, hiring challenges, absenteeism, and disability accommodation liability are all concerns for Human Resource managers in both large and small companies, particularly in hard-hit industries. Numerous local, state, and federal initiatives have been developed to encourage the “Recovery Ready Workplace,” a mix of policies and practices that support employees with substance use issues: prevention & risk reduction, training & education, hiring & retention, treatment & recovery resources, and organizational culture.

Despite these efforts, challenges remain in adopting, implementing, and maintaining environments that will ensure the success of Recovery in the Workplace at scale.

We're on a mission to change that problem.

The Valable Solution

Valable is a technology platform that assists employers, managers, support personnel, and, ultimately, employees in their long-term recovery journeys. By enabling enduring Recovery Workplaces, we’re striving to help individuals struggling with Recovery find stability, health, and acceptance at work, in their communities, and in life.

We’re looking for like-minded, passionate people who want to invest in the future of a workforce in recovery. 

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