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AWS Partnership

Through our partnership, Eshelman Innovation and Amazon Web Services assist with scaling research across the university and commercializing university IP.


Bringing technology expertise to digital health

AWS is a leading provider of cloud services designed to help engineers develop, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications in the cloud. Our partnership is enabling the next generation of university research to be developed natively in the cloud—beyond local environments. With this strong foundation, research applications are ready for scale Day 1, creating a clear path to commercialization with the right opportunities. 

The partnership between Eshelman Innovation and AWS is leading the charge by standardizing the building blocks to scalable research, secure and compliant cloud environments, and standard business agreements between the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and AWS. With our deep partnership, AWS experts provide training opportunities for lab technicians, grant credits for cloud operations, and even CTO-in-residence services for new startups.

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