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Medicines to prevent another global crisis


Developed In Partnership With UNC–Chapel Hill and The Structural Genomics Consortium

100 Days Mission

READDI is a core implementation partner in the 100 Days Mission, a three-pronged pandemic preparedness effort launched by the G7 and led by the International Pandemic Preparedness Secretariat.

The Disease X Problem

The identity of the virus that will cause the next potential global catastrophe is a mystery. Developing a vaccine takes months—work that doesn’t start until scientists have a novel virus’ genetic code in hand.


The READDI Solution

READDI’s world-class virologists exploit the Achilles heel of viruses—the fact that all viruses in a given family share common, inherited methods for replication. READDI’s signature approach is to develop drugs that broadly target virus families—broad-spectrum, small molecule therapeutics that stop viral replication. 

In traditional drug development, antivirals are designed to work against a single virus—the “one bug, one drug” approach. READDI’s “one drug, many bugs” solution makes the drugs highly likely to work against all viruses in a given family—even those that do not yet exist. 

READDI is developing shelf-stable pills that can be stockpiled and shipped immediately, without refrigeration, to the point of outbreak and taken with a drink of water. They offer critical first-line defense to slow disease, hospitalization, and death. READDI aims to make them available to everyone who needs them, when they need them, where they need them. 

Innovative public-private solutions

Pandemics are bigger than any single university, company, or government. Without the bold vision and support of Eshelman Innovation, READDI would not exist.

Headshot of Jimmy Rosen

Jimmy Rosen
READDI CEO and director

Game changer for equity

We see access to broad-spectrum, small molecule antivirals as an absolutely essential component of pandemic preparedness. They’re affordable and have the potential to be a game changer for equity.

Headshot of Charlotte Baker

Charlotte Baker
Deputy Head of the London-based International Pandemic Preparedness Secretariat

On the cutting edge

Without a doubt you’re on the cutting edge of scientific discovery here [at READDI].

Headshot of Matthew Hepburn

Dr. Matthew Hepburn
Chief medical officer for the Department of Defense Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense

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