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We are looking for partners to collaborate with us as scientists, scholars, community leaders, and interns. Innovation happens in communities of experts and collaborators and we want to work with you.

Ways to collaborate

Eshelman Innovation is always looking for ways to collaborate. If you are interested in getting involved, here are a few ways to work with us.

Key Opinion Leaders

We build startups around the most pressing health issues in North Carolina and beyond. We have built startups around use disorders, food security, home healthcare, rural health, and translational research. We are always looking for ways to collaborate with experts in these areas and beyond.

Community Leaders

We work in communities throughout North Carolina to build the startup flywheel and create an ecosystem of investment and employment. We aspire to work with local partners to connect to NC communities.

Subject Matter Experts

We support the early stages of technology development for innovative life science solutions. Please let us know if you are interested in helping us guide researchers as they bring their impactful research to patients faster, easier, and more strategically.


Innovation exists in a ecosystem of enthuastic talent, and we like to provide interns with the opportunity to gain working experience, make connections in their areas of interest, and cultivate talent.

Let's catalyze ideas for the greater good.

We want to collaborate with you. Please let us know about your interests and we will get back to you by the next business day.

We value your privacy.

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