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We are Eshelman Innovation.

Join us on a journey where your career isn't just a job; it's an exploration of unlimited possibilities. Discover how you can be a catalyst for change and chart new territories with a team that thrives on curiosity, collaboration, and cutting-edge creativity. We're a passionate team with a shared mission: accelerating health innovation. Your future at the forefront of innovation starts here.

Our Core Values

As a team, we incorporate these values into all we do.

An icon of an award ribbon representing cutting-edge excellence

Cutting-edge Excellence

We innovate in all that we do to remain on the cutting-edge of our craft. We balance that creativity with discipline to deliver excellence in all that we do.

An icon of a completed checklist representing accountability


We empower team members to make decisions in their domains of expertise. We hold each other accountable for the work we promise to deliver and the impact we want to have on patient lives.

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Team Socialization and Family Friendly

We foster a team-first environment, knowing collaboration is essential for improving healthcare. We strive to create clear spaces to bring our best selves to our families, to recharge, and to deliver our optimal performance at work each day.

An icon of a shield with a heart in the center representing honesty and integrity

Honesty and Integrity

Innovation is rooted in an honest assessment of the problems we hope to solve. Our integrity is based on honest engagement with each other because it is our best defense against failure.

An icon of a line chart representing growth

Growth and Advancement

We actively cultivate a growth mindset in ourselves and each other. We dedicate resources to ensure our ability to advance here or wherever opportunity might take us. Our greatest asset will always be our people.

An icon of a megaphone representing diversity and inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental driver of innovation. We work hard to hear every voice because it drives our mission and builds toward the world we all want to live in.

Meet our team

Taking Home the Gold!

Let the games begin! Team Eshelman Innovation going for gold in our office Olympics with fellow UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy colleagues.

Swinging for Success

Our team's drive for excellence and fun makes us a hole-in-one every time! Members of our team and UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy celebrated the start of summer at Top Golf for an employee outing.

The Eshelman Innovation team standing in front of the Escape Room

Team Escape Room Challenge

Cracking codes, solving puzzles, and conquering challenges together—our team survived the thrilling escape room adventure! Join us on this adrenaline-fueled journey where collaboration becomes the key to unlocking success.

The Eshelman Innovation team holding their paintings of a sun setting on the ocean

Brushes & Bonds

Diving into creativity as a team with a painting experience—brushes, laughter, and good vibes only! Each stroke on the canvas tells a unique story of collaboration and self-expression.

A group of smiling people accessorized with holiday props in a photo booth

Holiday Fun

Capturing the essence of camaraderie in every click—our team unleashes its playful side in the photobooth. From candid moments to contagious laughter, these snapshots reflect the vibrant spirit that defines our team.

The Eshelman Innovation team presenting their gingerbread house creation

The Great Gingerbread Decorating Contest

Our team members take the gingerbread decorating crown with a mix of creativity and a dash of competitive spirit. The winning gingerbread creation is a testament to our teamwork and a touch of friendly rivalry.

Nurturing talent, fostering growth, and building a culture of excellence

Just as pioneering scientists push boundaries, so must we. That's why we prioritize investing in our people. Through dedicated development budgets, we foster a culture of accountability and encourage a resilient pursuit of growth.

A man explaining his whiteboard sketches to two women

Join Our Team

Our team is always growing and looking for team members to contribute to our success. If you are interested in joining our team, please apply to one of our current openings.


Digital Health Venture Fellow

Chapel Hill, NC

The Venture Fellow will play a crucial role in the early stages of startup creation. This part-time internship is designed for individuals who are eager to learn and contribute to the fast-paced world of digital health startups. 


Therapeutics Entrepreneur in Residence

Chapel Hill, NC

The Therapeutics Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) will be a seasoned scientific professional who has significant work experience in the biopharma space with translational studies and drug development.

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