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Catalyzing innovation for a healthier world

Eshelman Innovation is a healthcare innovation engine that bridges the inspiration of academia and the spirit of entrepreneurship to turn groundbreaking ideas into real products and services. We’re here to catalyze ideas for the greater good.

We are the engine that accelerates health innovation.

Identifying the world’s biggest needs for innovation, and charging toward them.

Doing hard things is what we’re here for. That’s why we think big, helping define the areas where innovative ideas can unlock impact for people around the world. From preparing for the next pandemic to helping solve the opioid crisis, when the challenge is great, we lean in.

The inspiration of academia. The spirit of entrepreneurship.

What started with a $100 million gift to the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy has grown into an emerging innovation hub. Here, experts in research and discovery work hand-in-hand with experts in business and commercialization. It’s this unique combination and collaboration that allows us to catalyze great ideas.

We transform ideas into reality; funding is only the start.

From due diligence to commercialization, Eshelman Innovation experts help turn ideas into products and services that make an impact on life around the world. Our established infrastructure allows us to move quickly, while promoting creative freedom and flexibility. That’s the key to accelerating and amplifying the impact each idea can make, right from the very beginning.


Launched at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy in 2014

Launched by a $100M gift from Dr. Fred Eshelman to UNC-Chapel Hill School of Pharmacy, the institute was tasked with funding the brightest and best academic innovators to address significant healthcare needs. Dr Eshelman is a serial entrepreneur who had the vision that academic innovation could impact the economic growth of the state while solving real health challenges.

A female researcher reaching for a sample in a medical machine


Addressing some of the most challenging healthcare issues of our time

Eshelman Innovation has expanded well beyond the walls of the School of Pharmacy at UNC-Chapel Hill. We now work with faculty across the State and collaborators around the world. Our work brings together academic firepower alongside funders and donors to find creative solutions to major healthcare problems.

A group of Eshelman Innovation and High Alpha Innovation team members huddled in a lecture hall


A vision to catalyze innovation for a healthier world

Our desire is to continue to grow Eshelman Innovation into an economic powerhouse for the University and the state of North Carolina. By doing so, we expect to have a global cohort of collaborators, both academic and entrepreneurial, that will enable our vision to be realized for the betterment of humanity.

A toddler gazing up at a doctor who is checking her heartbeat

Funding is only the beginning. We’re your expert guide to turn ideas into reality.

Eshelman Innovation has developed a deep capability in innovation identification, development, management and delivery. Our bespoke process leads us from academic exploration to translation of the most impactful innovation that can impact patients.


Scope big problems

Identifies and aspires to solve the toughest challenges in healthcare.


Build winning networks

Brings funders and innovators together and sets the stage for collaboration to solve some of healthcare's biggest challenges.


Scout for right-fit innovators

Finds game-changing ideas from the most innovative academic and entrepreneurial minds.


Make ideas reality

Surrounds innovators with rigorous diligence, expert decision-making support, project management, and commercialization strategy to bring ideas all the way to market.


Provide flexible post-market support

Continues ongoing business development and partnerships to ensure sustainable solutions make it all the way to the patient.

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